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Daygham Style – these dudes can dance

Around Christmas time, 2012, the Day kids were caught on camera having way too much fun. Take a peek …  

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Greg posing as a wine steward. Should have been boxed wine perhaps ;)

Cari – I have a system

I have a system. I Pray boldly for Greg’s healing. I Hug on Greg, the kids, my mom and the dogs every chance I get. I Remind myself over and over to think positive healing thoughts. I Stay busy, exercise, eat right, drink wine. I Drink wine –oh did I already say that one? All […]

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The Days in 1966

002 – Chicks, Chickens and Chicken Poop

There was one crazy story after another growing up with my parents. That, I wouldn't ever trade for “all the gold in China.” I very much loved my mom and dad. As crazy as he was, my four brothers and sisters and I had childhoods richer in experiences than anyone I’ve ever met. Dad was a true workaholic. […]

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Greg, his Mom and Dad, and Siblings Dennis, Rod, Laurie and Kim

001 – How NOT to drive a tractor

The Life of a Day I was bouncing up and down like pro cowboy, Chris Ledoux on and off the back of big, black Tornado. The sound of the massive tractor tires moaning out an ominous rhythm ddrrrrm, ddrrrm, ddrrrm. I was trying to get the attention of my father in the one ton ford […]

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Greg prepped for brain surgery

Brain Surgery and Gamma Knife Radiation

The Day Journey continues…  As most know, Greg’s lungs (at last scan) still had a stubborn tumor and his brain had 4 small tumors. It is so strange, he has kidney cancer (renal cell carcinoma) but the kidney has been free of cancer for 2 years.   Our phenomenal oncologist, Dr. Michael Gordon, Pinnacle Oncology, […]

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The Day Family Tattoo Day

Unbreakable - Day Family Strong

Throughout this cancer journey … our three kids (our best friends) have been remarkable.   For the past year they have been designing a family tattoo to honor Greg.  Their Dad and I chickened out but the kids got the word “unbreakable” tattooed on them. The Day Family Lines up for Tattoos at Sacred Tattoo in […]

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