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102 – Interleukin 2 – the Fight Against Kidney Cancer Continues

2011 We really didn’t do a lot. I pretty much camped in front of the boob tube. Cari “caught the house up” with Bonnie and Allie. You ever notice how there’s nothing to watch on the boob tube?  How did Pink Floyd put it? 13 channels of shit on the TV to choose from. Somehow, […]

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From Jem 100 to Mackys

Dad was a product of the depression generation, driven and determined to get ahead. He bought properties in Tigard, a suburb of Portland. He bought 100 acres along the Nehalem River and up the mountain, from an old homesteader named Ivan Miller. He made a very favorable deal since Ivan didn’t pay for the land. […]

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101 – Interleukin 2, Round One, August 2011

The Life of a Day  The Doc said Interleukin 2 is the only treatment for renal cell that can possibly cure you. That’s right, he said cure. The odds are low though, only 7 to 10 percent of patients achieve the “homerun”. Other options don’t offer a possible cure, only a slowing of the disease. […]

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Update – Cowboy Strong, Fighting Cancer

From the start of this fight, Greg has always said, we are going to hunt down this cancer and kill it off, one tumor at a time. Fighting spirit like no other….. Greg brings “True Grit” to fighting Cancer.

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