2012-08-Lake-Shasta-(35)CompressedThis site chronicles a families love, inspiration and struggle as they battle Renal Cell Carcinoma, or Kidney Cancer. The patriarch, Greg Day was diagnosed in 2011. After removing a kidney, two brain surgeries, Interluken II treatments, radiation and experimental treatments, Greg and the Day family maintains a remarkably positive attitude. Most know the Day family after visiting Macky's Grill in Payson, Arizona, their home and business.  Very active in the business, Greg and Cari make it a point to know everyone that walks through the door. The three "almost grown" children; Trevor, Jeff and Allie have all cleaned a dish or two (to put it mildly) at Macky's. If you haven't had a Macky Burger, you haven't had a burger, most agree. Daddy Greg is doing most of the writing here, telling tales of his childhood as well as, documenting the "road to health" saga. The road has had many twists and turns and will likely continue until Greg receives a clean bill of health. We all pray for that "bill" to come soon. Cari will be tossing in her $.02 with some current health updates and personal notes. The kids have even promised to chime in ... keep your fingers crossed for that one. Please, hook up with DayFamilyStrong on FaceBook. That is the best place to find out when a new post is up or just whats going on with the Day Clan. We encourage any and all comments on the Facebook Page and the blog. Keep the Day Family in your thoughts and prayers and by all means, keep an eye out for a cure to Kidney Cancer! Sincerely, Jeff Lodge "Editor-in-chief", Loving Brother
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