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091- Motorcycles, lap two

I used to go to spend a lot of time at my cousins, the Bjuir’s (the “j” is silent). They lived on top of Chehalem Mountain a ways up from our farm. They had a lot of acreage with different orchards on the slopes. The house was really big with a pool. Mike and Matt, […]

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090 – Motorcycles, lap one

  Hard to believe I know, but when I was a young boy, I always wanted an off road motorcycle. Some new neighbors, the Hawkins family had moved in across the street. It was exciting for a few reasons. Cindy Hawkins was one of the prettiest girls ever!! She had fine features, sparkle in her […]

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Kidney Cancer moves to the brain

105 – Kidney Cancer Hits the Road – to the Brain!

2011-2012 Honestly, a tumor in my brain was a”blow to the chin.” Didn’t see this one coming. But, just as honestly, we faced it with certain determination. We had already faced this beast. It was just another round in the fight. Keep on swingin’. I remember joking with Cari’s brother, Jeff, that now I had […]

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Cari and Bonnie, two of my favorite ladies

104 – Surprise, surprise – Life after Interleukin Two

Starting life over every time after Interleukin Two was frustrating. Cari was awesome at getting me out of the lazy boy recliner. I was getting real good at the “couch potato” thing.  I was eating everything in sight, bathing – once in a while. It was like “Jabba the Hut”, not pretty. We would start […]

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IL 2 Tennis with Ray Parker Jr. Greg was giggling more than playing

103 – IL 2 and Nightmares

2011 The break between IL 2 treatments was three weeks this time. They know they have to let your body recuperate before the next round of treatments. I felt shaky most of the time. But I was anxious to get it done. So, we went through the same routine back in L.A. at Cedar Sinai. […]

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102 – Interleukin 2 – the Fight Against Kidney Cancer Continues

2011 We really didn’t do a lot. I pretty much camped in front of the boob tube. Cari “caught the house up” with Bonnie and Allie. You ever notice how there’s nothing to watch on the boob tube?  How did Pink Floyd put it? 13 channels of shit on the TV to choose from. Somehow, […]

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From Jem 100 to Mackys

Dad was a product of the depression generation, driven and determined to get ahead. He bought properties in Tigard, a suburb of Portland. He bought 100 acres along the Nehalem River and up the mountain, from an old homesteader named Ivan Miller. He made a very favorable deal since Ivan didn’t pay for the land. […]

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101 – Interleukin 2, Round One, August 2011

The Life of a Day  The Doc said Interleukin 2 is the only treatment for renal cell that can possibly cure you. That’s right, he said cure. The odds are low though, only 7 to 10 percent of patients achieve the “homerun”. Other options don’t offer a possible cure, only a slowing of the disease. […]

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Greg and his kidney removal surgery scar

100 – Yesterday, I couldn't even spell Renal Cell Carcinoma. Today, I just call it Kidney Cancer

The Life of a Day One of Cari’s best friends, Ramona Coppelli became our family doctor after we had an unfortunate experience with our previous doctor. I had started having weird things happening. I was telling our previous doctor that my urine had a strong odor and darker color sometimes. He said everybody’s urine smells […]

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The Days in 1966

002 – Chicks, Chickens and Chicken Poop

There was one crazy story after another growing up with my parents. That, I wouldn't ever trade for “all the gold in China.” I very much loved my mom and dad. As crazy as he was, my four brothers and sisters and I had childhoods richer in experiences than anyone I’ve ever met. Dad was a true workaholic. […]

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